What is the difference between semi-permanent and permanent straightening?

UnSprung only offers Semi-Permanent straightening. This information is for those trying to decide between the 2 services. Semi-permanent straightening does not break bonds. It fades off in time, or can be permanent. Permanent straightening breaks bonds and permanently alters the hair's condition. It always leaves the hair more vulnerable to future damage.

What type of straightening should I choose?

If you:

  • Have relatively virgin hair and are NOT intending to ever do highlights or home color jobs
  • Have thick course hair
  • Can spend @ $750-1000/year (this would be an appointment every six months to a year)
  • Want to permanently kill the curl bonds, and never want the curl back in the hair that is treated
  • Want your hair to air-dry as straight as it blowdrys
  • Want to maintain your hair with high end products formulated for chemically treated hair
  • Are not necessarily growing out your hair and are willing to get regular trims
  • Are willing to deal with the curly new growth in between straightenings and you are okay with a definite line of curly hair vs. straight hair
  • Don't mind getting split ends a little more quickly, and having to use conditioning treatments to maintain as much shine and health as possible
  • Can spend potentially 6-12 hours (the average is @ 7.5) in the salon

...then go for the Permanent Straightening (TR, Japanese Straightening)

If you:

  • Have either virgin or damaged hair: highlights, over processed color, thermal styling damage, split ends
  • Have fine hair to thick course hair
  • Can spend @ $180-720/year (this would be an appointment 1 to 4 times a year)
  • Want to preserve your hair's full strength, and only want to override your curl
  • Want the option of blow-drying for ultimate straightness, or air-drying for more body
  • Do not want to be obligated to purchase high end products, and in general would like to have a budget friendly upkeep program
  • Are growing your hair out and want to trim as little as possible
  • Want to deal with as little new growth as possible, and if you do not want a definite line of curly vs. straight hair
  • Want the most shine and conditioning and preservation of the hair's health without having to use additional products daily
  • Can only spend 2-4 hours in the salon
  • Think that at some point you want all your curl back, and you like the idea of it being able to revert back to your natural hair

...then go for Semi-Permanent Straightening (Keratin Treatment)

How do you decide which brand of semi-straightening to use?

All brands are put to a 1/2 & 1/2 head test to determine initial straightness and longevity. 

Why are there so many different opinions on straightening the hair during pregnancy?

There are so many opinions because the actual facts remain unclear. Pregnant or nursing women will not be allowed to book for any straightening at UnSprung. In addition, it clearly says, "Not for Pregnant women, or women intending to get pregnant, or nursing women", on the back of the bottle.