Alysia's Bio

December 2003 - present. Owner/stylist of UnSprung salon
April 2002 - December 2003. Stylist at Lisa Bradford, specializing in chemical straightening
2000 - 2001. Portland State University Honors College (supervisor: Dr. Michael Flower), full-time student, Biochemistry major. 24 credits of chemistry study and lab experience completed
1997 - 2010. Mobile hairstyling
1991 - 1997. Hairdresser at Hickox & Friends
1990 - 1991. Roffler's Technical Institute (Beauty School) in Orlando, FL, Student
1989 - 1990. Oregon State University, full time student, Theatre major. Costume design/construction, wig/hair styling

Pertinent Straightening Education Information:

Since 2014, despite the desire to test out any new technologies in the field of Semi-Permanent Straightening, nothing has surfaced that improves upon the innovation presented originally in 2006. The lack of product testing since 2014 is certainly not for a lack of interest. If you are a company that has resolved the following issues, please contact us: Product no longer leaves yellow coating on hair/product is actually free of all toxic gassing off, and you have clinical proof of that/product doesn’t change artificial color at all/product does not require avoidance of certain aftercare ingredients/product can truly be shampooed the same day of service with no ill affect…..etc.

  • Keratherapy Extreme Formula(September, 29th, 2014. Ed Wyse, Beaverton, OR) Taught by Louie Santino. This product was developed by former employees of GKHair. Their resistant formula has formaldehyde in it, which is a bold move since every other brand eliminated it after the Brazilian Blowout fiasco. 1/2 & 1/2 head with Global Resistant formula. Global went significantly straighter.

  • Kerapure (May, 2011) Product was tested against Global Keratin and did not go as straight nor last as long. Even though it claimed to be totally free of formaldehyde, in the literature, it reads, "emits NO toxic levels of formaldehyde". That's much different than NO formaldehyde at all.

  • Pravana (Dec. 2010) Purchased product from local beauty supply. Compared product with Global Keratin on 7 heads. Global went much straighter and lasted much longer. Also the main difference between the two is that Pravana advises color be done AFTER straightening. Pravana changed artificial hair color more than any brand tested so far.

  • Brazilian Blowout (July, 12th, 2010, Hilton Hotel, Portland) So far, 5 1/2 & 1/2 head experiments showed Global to go straighter initially. Waiting for longevity results.

  • De Masi (March 9, 2010) A client was able to arrange for this product to be shipped from Rodrigo De Masi in Brazil. It was much anticipated, but did not go as straight or last as long as Global Keratin.

  • Marcia Teixeira(Jan. 18th, 2010, Arabella Salon) Taught by Emmet.

  • Brazilian Gloss(Jan.2010) 1/2 & 1/2 head experiments showed Global to go straighter.

  • iStraight Keratin(Jan.2010) 1/2 & 1/2 experiments showed Global to go straighter.

  • QOD (Nov. 2009)  1/2 & 1/2 experiments show that Marcia Teixeira and Global go straighter.

  • Marcia Advanced Treatment (Oct.28, 2009) 1/2 & 1/2 head done with the Advanced Treatment on one side, original formula on the other. Advanced Treatment can be washed after 24 hours. Initially, both sides looked the same. Original formula outlasted Advanced Treatment by almost 2 months.

  • Coppola Keratin Complex Class (Oct.26th, 2009. UnTangled Salon) Attended class to preview new clear formula. Product was not demonstrated, as promised. However, much misinformation regarding Brazilian Keratin Treatments in general, was demonstrated. There has been no change in original formula since it was first tested Sept. 2007 at UnSprung.

  • Global Keratin (August, 2009) Twelve half & half heads were done with Marcia Teixeira's original formula and Global's 4%. The Global side initially went straighter, and lasted several weeks longer, on average. This product has been added to the salon.

  • Marcia Teixeira product exploration. Multiple flat iron passes vs. single pass. Protein treatment add on. (May, 2009. UnSprung Salon) A model's hair was divided into quarters. From side to side, the right side was given a protein treatment before the KT.  The left side was not. From front to back, the hair in front of the ears was given one pass per section of the flatiron at full heat. The back half was given regular multiple passes. After 3 months, the treatment revealed that multiple passes looked as straight as the single pass. The protein treated hair looked more reverted than the non-protein treated hair. The protein treated hair did not look any healthier.

  • Inoar (Dec.2008)Ordered product online. Directions came in English and Portuguese. Treatment was compared to Marcia Teixeira. Marcia went straighter and lasted longer.

  • Agi Max Brazilian Treatment (Feb.2nd, 2008. Shampoo Ave.B Salon, Ny, NY.) Product demo was taught by Daniel. Treatment was done on one of Daniel's clients, while I assisted. Process took @4 hours. Client had course, dense, highlighted (that day) hair. Client had permanent straightening on ends. After treatment, wet hair appeared to only @1/2 way straight. After blowdrying with a round brush, hair smoothed out. Hair looked healthy. Because hair can be shampooed same day, end results can be seen day of treatment. This treatment includes a rinse and conditioning step.

  • Zerran Reform Natural Hair Straightening (December 26th, 2007) Thermal straightening system presented as a Brazilian, but is not. Class was taught by husband and wife team who flew up from California. Product is supposedly made from all natural ingredients. Contains no thio or hydroxides. However, we can not verify this. The hair did not go straight on two different test strips during class. Product was purchased by Sky and treatment was performed on two different models, both of which looked very unsatisfactory. As of March 3, 2008, the product is still not listed on their website.

  • Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Peter Coppola (September 2007) After doing 10 models who previously had the Marcia treatment, it has been decided that this treatment does not last as long, average @2-3 months. Because the solution is dark amber colored, it seems to slightly darken light colored hair and greys. It is about 40% more expensive than Marcia's product (as of Sept. 2007). Leaves the hair feeling a little healthier and shinier initially. This product does cause some clients eye irritation. Generally it is a great product, however clients still are choosing the longer lasting formula.

  • The Hallows (July 26, 2007) Permanent Straightening System. Ignores importance of application of scalp protection prior to bond breaking solution.

  • Lascio (July 18, 2007) 1/2 & 1/2 head between Marcia and Lascio. Both lasted about the same time from beginning to end, however Lasio stayed straighter longer (a couple weeks) and then faded quicker at the end. Marcia's more steadily faded.

  • Biolustre (June 20, 24 and July 11, 2007) Biolustre applied to 3 heads of hair; "prior to highlight", "as a treatment", and "prior to straightening". Initial slight thickness observed in all, but only lasted about 2 shampoos. Breakage noted around bang area after highlight on “Prior to highlight” model. Once treatment wore off of “as a treatment,” hair looked slightly dryer. “Prior to straightening” showed no change.

  • Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment (March 12th, 2007) This is a semi-permanent straightening treatment. At the time we purchased this product, no classes were offered. A simple video was accessible through their website and was very easy to follow and understand. This treatment can be used on any hair type, and the duration of straightness varies approximately 2-4 months.

  • Tanagra Brazilian Nanokeratinizing System (March 2 & 6, 2007) This is a conditioning treatment only. Found that the Noiraude Pro Treatment seems to last longer and has varied components which are great for treatment particular issues. The Tanagra System made the hair feel good immediately after the treatment was done, but it didn't seem to last past the first shampoo. They have created a very innovative machine and look we forward to see what they bring us in the future.

  • Matrix Opti-Smooth (October 24, 2006. Altered technique to see results.) Model had 7 inches of roots. Finished hair was 1-2 shades lighter due to peroxide neutralizer. Hair continues to smell like chemical when wet. Liscio treated hair does not continue to smell or lighten natural color. There is still no scalp protection with opti-Smooth.

  • I-Straight root touch-up set-up (June 18, 2006. Image Designers College of Cosmetology. Portland, OR. Stylist/trainer: Alice). Client had very kinky hair, Approximately 30% to 40% breakage, probably from bends at scalp. I didn't stay for entire procedure, just wanted to see set-up and initial solution application, and quality of hair treated with I-Straight over time.

  • I-Straight (June 15, 2006. Image Designers College of Cosmetology. Portland, OR. Taught by Maria). No scalp protection with I-Straight. Model's fine virgin hair did not go straight. Bends were explained as something okay to have. I will be restraightening model's hair with Liscio.

  • Paul Brown, Unwinded Retexturizing System (April 9th-10th, 2006. Beauty Revolution Hair Show. Seattle, WA.). No scalp protection. Model's naturally kinky hair ended up still very fluffy, kinky and in definite need of further styling. Results were very disappointing.

  • Q8 Straightening Class (August 16th, 2005. HQ Salon, Manhattan, NY. Taught by Rebecca and GG). Product line released in 2005 in the US. Watched instructional video, followed by hands on mock procedure.

  • Milbon Straight Liscio Advanced Class (August 15th, 2005. Milbon USA, Inc. headquarters, Manhattan, NY. Taught by Shige Kosuda, Sal and Debra). First Milbon class for the new Liscio Straight product. Hands on class of 6 stylists & 2 models.

  • Milbon Straight Liscio Root touch up (August 13th, 2005. Shige Kosuda Salon, Manhattan, NY. Taught by Shige Kosuda). Root touch up/ education on new products and techniques. Demonstrated current Liscio Straight root touch up technique.

  • Liscio System (August 14th, 2004, Shige Kosuda Salon, Manhattan, NY. Taught by Shige Kosuda). Root touch up/education on new products/techniques. Demonstrated new Liscio system expected in U.S. in spring/summer 2005. Shige used the new system on my hair, showing new techniques to be used with new formulation.

  • ECOStraight (July 21-24th, 2004). Four demonstrations on 4 different clients. Results: 80% initial straightening, with reversion after 1 month resulting in approximately 20% lasting curl reduction. (site no longer active, no current website available)

  • BioIonics seminar (Apr. 18-19th, 2004, Seattle, WA Hair Show. Taught by Fernando Romerro). At same show, also observed I-Straight demo and product.

  • Redken Vertical Straight (Mar. 29, 2004, Salon Halo, St. Helens, OR. Taught by Charlene).

  • ISO Neo (Feb. 16th, 2004, Pacific Salon Systems, Beaverton, OR location. Taught by Margie).

  • ISO Main Tamer system training (Jan. 19th, 2004, Pacific Salon Systems, Vancouver location. Taught by Christa).

  • Liscio advanced techniques/ new product training (Jan.12th, 2004, New York headquarters. Taught by Mr. Soowan Chang).

  • YukoSystems G-series (Jan. 11th, 2004, Emilio Antonio Salon, Manhattan, NY Taught by Mayumi Amano).

  • Liscio systems advanced training (Oct. 27th, 2003, New York headquarters. Taught by Mr. Soowan Chang)

  • Liscio systems one on one educational/root touch up appointment (Aug.12th, 2003. Shige Kosuda Salon, NY City, with Shige as the trainer/technician.)

  • YukoSystem G-Series advanced training (LA, CA June 30th, 2003. Taught by Andre, Tanya and Connie).

  • Farouk CHI Transformation System (March 31, 2003. Taught by Kelly from Opulent Salon).

  • BioIonics (LA headquarters of Fernando Remerro Salon Nov. 19th. 2002. Taught by Fernando Remerro and staff).

  • Liscio system (Shinbi headquarters in LA, Oct.14th, 2002. Taught by Yong Chong and Soowan Chang, flown in from N.Y.) 

  • Rusk Thermal Straight system (West Coast Burnside location Sept. 16th 2002, Portland, OR, Taught by Adia Alverez from Aphrodite Salon).

  • YukoSystem root touch up class(Sept.1st, 2002, Lisa Bradford Salon. Erin was flown up from the Beverly Hills Yuko Salon).

  • YukoSystem hands-on class in LA (April 8th, 2002, taught by Andre, assisted by Mona and Erin).