Contact Information

Salon Location
Portland, Oregon 

Mailing Address
PO Box 8192
Portland, OR 97207

Alysia: 503.708.7509
Available Days & Times:
Tues-Thursdays-  There is one appointment at 8AM on these days, and it is only available to returning clients who's appointment times are 2 hours or less. 

Fridays & Saturdays- These days are open to all returning clients, and new clients. Only 2 clients are booked per day. Start times can be anytime between 5:30am and have to be completed by 5pm.


There may be times where you will need to book your straightening sooner than the next available appointment. The following stylist is excellent. Please give her a call if needed.
(For Semi-Permanent) Lisa at Lisa Friedman Hair, 503.516.6492