Modify Cosmetic Tattoo


Yes, it’s true:) There’s been something brewing here at UnSprung for the last year. Our wee salon space is now also home to Modify Cosmetic Tattoo. We are in the phase of opening the door to clients who are willing to be a part of helping us streamline the process and build a portfolio at a discounted rate. The client will have to comply with all rules and be willing to meet all requirements related to follow up appointments for photographs and touch ups. The full scope of this project will take at least 4 months. A fee of $500 will be charged to volunteers who drop out. A credit card number will be taken up front, and held, until the completion of the project. We are looking for clients for each of the following services: lash enhancement tattoo, basic eyeliner, powder brow, lip blush and Microneedling.

If you are interested, give us a ring.