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Dedicated to semi-permanent hair straightening

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Shige Kosuda: A leading stylist from Japan using the Liscio System. If you're determined to go to the best anywhere, visit Shige.

Shinbi: This company imports many great shampoos and conditioners, as well as the scalp protection and other balancing products used during the Japanese treatments.

RASYSA: An incredible Japanese website showing the latest haircuts, hairstyling, etc. It's all in Japanese so it takes a little time to navigate. The Japanese have mastered the ultimate layered haircuts. Their aesthetic is very soft and feminine and natural.

The Bridal Loft: The Bridal Loft is a bride's dream come true. They are excellent at what they do.

Hair Boutique: This site has a huge inventory of hair accessories as well as information on new trends, products and styles.

Behind The Chair: Great site for hairdressers and clients. You have to become a member to view most of the pages, but it's worth it. So much info on the entire beauty industry, it would take hours to get through it all.

Cosmetics Design: A great website that reports on the latest cosmetic industry news.